Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Business Research and Writing Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Business and Writing - Research Paper Example The purpose of this report was to evaluate the factors that must be considered before expanding the business on foreign soil. To evaluate the factors, the study focused upon taking the scenarios of other electronic organizations that geographically expanded their business without any difficulties. The thorough investigation of similar businesses led to an understanding the organizations must consider opportunities and growth prospects before expanding outside national borders. This can be clearly witnessed through the expansion of Sony. Not only did Sony focused upon the opportunities, but the company also held the confidence to succeed in the given market conditions. On the other hand, the case of Telefonica revealed that rather than focusing upon the opportunities, the Spanish company focused upon evaluating the similarities within the institutional and cultural characteristics in Latin America. Once it understood that both the countries shared similar characteristics, it expanded internationally despite the several criticisms against the geographic expansion. Lastly, the case of Mouser Electronics revealed that the evaluation of demand must be considered before expanding the business internationally. ... The products offered by the company have significantly enhanced the convenience factor of the customers, while providing the customers with additional value in their lives. To continually remain ahead of the competitors in the electronic market, Company G has always focused upon the offering of its competitors (i.e. the leading companies). This is primarily done to provide the customers with the best possible alternative in the market at comparatively lower cost than others. By assessing the tremendous demand of mobile phone and smartphone chargers in the market, Company G has introduced its own brand by the name of ‘ChargeOn’. The specialty of this charger lies within its convenience and small size. Within just half an hour, ChargeOn can charge any mobile or smartphone battery completely, while ensuring the maximization of battery life to significant level. Similarly, ChargeOn is a special charger that is water resistant. To perfectly meet the demand of the customers in the electronics market, the charger will be available in three ranges; standard USB jack, micro USB jack and mini USB jack. With outstanding opportunity to expand geographically, Company G has selected Canada for the expansion. The objective of this assignment is to evaluate the expansion of the company into Canada’s electronics market. To do so, the cases of other electronic organizations are taken into account to assess the factors that were considered before the expansion. A total of three cases have been evaluated. This has helped in the evaluation of best practices and factors that must be understood to significant level. The assessed information will then be used to help Company G to expand geographically to meet the needs of the customers through

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