Thursday, January 23, 2020

Intervention In Congo :: essays research papers

The Democratic Republic of Congo has a population of 58,317,930 citizens (CIA-The World Fact book). Out of the 58,317,930 citizens 3.8 million of them have died through starvation, disease, and fighting (UNICEF). The death toll of Congo has been labeled genocide. The war in Congo drew in the armies of five other African nations. Neighboring Rwanda, Uganda, and allied Congolese rebel groups held control of the east and northeast. The government held the west. The problems of Congo lay in the United Nations hands. The UN peacekeeping force needs the help of other countries. France has prepared the way for 1,000 French troops that would lead a United Nations force to halt the violent conflict in the region (Talbot). Prime Minister Tony Blair of Great Britain has thought of the possibility of sending troops to Congo (Talbot). One question the world asks is where the United States in this situation is. Does the United States have the responsibility to help Congo? The UN cannot sustain vi olence alone with the help of France. The Democrats and Republicans believe the war in Iraq has crossed out the possibility of intervention in Congo. Human-right groups believe the U.S. should send a small portion of troops to help. Helping Iraq have freedom is important, but Congo is in worse condition. If you look at the conditions in Iraq and the conditions in Congo, you will see that many more people have been lost and still will be lost in years to come. The citizens of Congo cannot afford to lose any more hospitals or schools. Lives need to be spared. Aside from the killing in Congo, women are abused and rapped. I believe the United States should intervene we can no longer watch as poor women and children suffer in their own homes. We can no longer sit around as 15 and 16-year-old boys are drafted away from their parents and family to fight (CIA-The World Fact book). Rwanda and Uganda that have substantial military power are helping and risking their own citizen’s lives . France a much closed-minded country has even recognized the major massacre going on in Congo. It is clearly understandable that the war in Iraq has taken a great toll on America but, the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo has taken much larger toll on Africa and we need to lower the stress for them.

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